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Hello there!💗

You're probably first wondering where the heck I've been for nearly 4 months, and secondly, what could've been SO important that I stopped blogging and failed to do accutane updates like I said I would....(which I will address accutane at the end of this post!!)

Well, you will soon have answers my friend :) 

Where do I even begin?! Lol.
 I honestly don't even know where to start...
Ohh and this is about to be a super long post, fair warning! 

To begin, I believe the last post was updating you on me and Cody's sweet pup Nola, and Accutane! So I posted that at the end of July...and most of you who have read here know that I have been struggling in school, making decisions with what to do, and I was in a major rut.
So here is what's been going on, starting off with some background info!

First, bit of background info: 
I was in my first semester of a Bachelors of Nursing program last fall, so a year ago. This time last year I was failing one of the two classes I had that semester so badly and had done so poorly on the first 3 exams, that even if I made 100's on the rest of the exams/final/quizzes I still wouldn't have passed the class. So basically I had failed the class completely, by midterms.
I finished that first semester of the nursing program with a 0.7 GPA...Just let that sink in, and yes I said 0.7 GPA. And I was obviously dismissed from the program after that. I felt broken, depressed, lost, and of course like a failure. I had never in my life made grades like I had this semester. My pride was definitely shot by this point in college.

So what did I do from January to August after that semester??
I started this blog!😊
In that time, I had missed deadlines to apply for nursing programs, programs were full already, I didn't meet the requirements to get in, etc. I seriously felt like NOTHING I did was getting me anywhere. I was starting to question changing my major, which was really hitting my pride hard and hurting my heart because I didn't want to change it. I wanted (and still want to lol) to be a nurse and for it to happen and things to workout! LOL, gosh is that so hard?! 

Stay with me- I'm getting there lol...
So it's now August 2017, and I have consistently stayed in touch with one nursing director in particular throughout the summer, about getting into their program. Of course, I had missed the deadline AND they were full anyways. So, I practically begged this sweet lady to fit me in the program, and told her to let me know if I could start in the spring.
The last email she sent me was telling me to go ahead and turn in an application now, for Spring 2018.
So of course I did indeed turn in an application!

Meanwhile, I end up going on a Bachelorette trip (whoop whoop!) and I get my sister to bring in the application for me, I believe was on a Thursday.
I got a call on that same day from the director telling me I may have a chance to start the program THIS FALL!! Like starting school in a week and a half!!

I called the director back on Monday, collected all my materials for everything I needed throughout the week ahead (because it's a TON of paperwork f.y.i.) and was ready to turn in everything on Friday, until I found out my dagum ACT scores were older than 3 years - that hit me with a hard realization that time has absolutely flown by lol...So anyways I had to now take an entrance exam to start the program which I was cringing and panicking insanely about!

Now just to give you a time frame- 
Thursday I turned in the application and received a call back voicemail, Monday I got confirmation, Friday I was ready to turn paperwork in, Monday I had to take an entrance exam, Tuesday was "orientation", and Wednesday I STARTED THE PROGRAM!

Can you even believe that I went from failing a semester, starting a blog, sitting out of school for 8 months not knowing what to do and where to go, and then out of the blue so suddenly and quickly I'm back in the game, just like that! 

If there is one thing I've learned throughout this whole experience it's that anything can happen as long as you trust in God, have some faith, love yourself, know your worth, and just keep on keeping on. 

Don't give up. 
Whatever it is...it can happen, and will happen- when it's supposed to.

All in all, it is truly amazing to see what can happen in a year, and just how much can change. I also wish I wouldn't have stressed and been so depressed for 8 months of my life, because I always keep in mind, but of course realize after the fact that the good Lord has a plan for me, and events will happen for me when they are supposed to happen.
Every single thing that occurred from last fall, in some way prepared me for this fall of school, even though I was "failing" out of school.
This fall has been a blessing in way more ways than one.
For starters, I have already made lifelong friends in this nursing program that I wouldn't have met if my circumstances were different, Cody and I got our sweet pup Nola and recently celebrated a 6 year (dating) anniversary!
And I'm now feeling 22, after celebrating my birthday this past weekend :)
I was also one of three students to be selected as an ambassador for the nursing program, and I will hopefully (fingers crossed) finish this semester with a 3.9 GPA...I am praying finals will make this happen for me!
**Here are a few fav pictures of mine from this semester with my beautiful friends😊**

I hope you enjoyed learning about whats been going on with me the past few months! It was definitely a long post but you had to know all the details :)
Now here's some info on Accutane if you're interested!

Onto Accutane!
So I have A LOT to discuss about Accutane. I am just starting my 6th month, phew it's been rough...and as promised, I do have before and current pictures of my skin that I will be sharing!
Unfortunately, I did not get to take pictures of my skin for the months in between because of my focus on school but it didn't change much from the "before" pictures.

I know I'm making you wait...not purposely, of course!
I have finals next week which means I need to be studying, and I honestly want to do a YouTube video or something because it's so much information to share and you'd get to actually see my skin on video.
I was also going to do a post on the products that helped/didn't help me, and then makeup products that I've loved!

With that being said, please place your VOTE in the POLL below on what you'd like to see for the Accutane Post! Please vote!!
Would you like Accutane info in the form of a Youtube Video, Blog Post, or Both?

Youtube Video, duh!
Blog Post for sure.
I would like to see both a Youtube Video and a Blog Post!

If you're still awake and following lol...
I appreciate your interest in this blog and my life! I hope this post may have taught you something or spoke to you in some way, so that you know that even though you may not be where you want to be, or where you think you're supposed to be right now, everything WILL fall into place at some point, you just have to trust in God's timing, and have some faith.
I know it seems easier said than done...but the overwhelming feeling of joy, peace, and happiness that you'll feel when you reach where you know God has been guiding you...that will be all worth it!

Just keep on keeping on ladies and gents :)

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TopHERE (Only $16!) | ShortsHERE | ShoesHERE | PurseHERE | WatchHERE | Earrings: Hey Penelope Boutique in Baton Rouge | BraceletsHERE and HERE | RingsHERE and HERE | NecklaceHERE |

Hi everyone!!

SO lets cut to the chase!
It has been made VERY clear to me that y'all absolutely loveeeeee knowing where I'm at and what I'm doing haha and getting up dates on me!
Literally my page views nearly quadrupled y'all!! I was NOT expecting that at all, but it is definitely more of a push to do posts with updates! LOL.

Let me talk about this cute outfit then I will do a little pup-date and accutane update!

So I've been having these shorts and these wedges for a little minute now and they are truly staples in my closet for the spring summer. THESE shoes are SO comfortable I kid you not, and they easily dress up any outfit. I do not regret spending a pretty penny on them!

Okay, now I've gotten a ton of questions about a swimsuit I recently wore, which is currently sold out but I will keep on the look out for if it re-stocks!
BUT I just ordered THIS swimsuit from Missguided, and I'm in love. I ordered a size 0 because I wanted it more fitted but I am not normally a 0! I think it is so cute. I'm unsure about the bottoms though as it does come off a lil cheeky lol. But we shall see! Oh and at Missguided, students get 40% off!! Thank ya girl later😉

We ended up getting sweet Nola a whole week early and we were seriously so happy😍 She has completely melted my heart. My other pup, Bella still has my whole heart lol but Nola is such a cutie as well. I love her so much! And I know Cody is obsessed. I planned on doing a little post to introduce her soon! :)

[Accutane Update]
So it has been nearly 3 weeks on Accutane! I do not take the actual "accutane" brand because there are tons of lawsuits on it. My brand is actually Myorisan, but the generic medication is still Isotretinoin.
The only real change I see is chapped lips all the time, dry throat, a little dry skin,  and I don't have to wash my hair every 2 days (#blessed)! My face is not that oily anymore and it is a bit dry, I have to use a small amount of moisturizer and I can't wash it too much. But nothing serious!

The other big thing I want to mention is anxiety, depression, and fatigue...these were very big deals the first 2 weeks on the meds and they were very much so happening- but I found solutions that worked for me! I will do a 1 month update in about a week, with pictures! Lol. And all the in's and out's to fill you in on everything.
I just wanted to give a short update for now to let you know a few tid bits of info!
***Also, the level of vulnerability that I am taking on by posting pictures of my skin w/o makeup makes me cringe. But I'm honestly thankful I even have the ability and opportunity to take the medicine, and if I can, why not be able to let y'all see how much it helps me and give you all the most absolute info I could possibly give you, to help you make the decision to take it or not!***

I hope you enjoyed this cute little summer outfit/pup-date/accutane update haha! Just threw a lil bit of erryyythang in today!

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see you soon :)

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Outfit details here:
 TopHERE  | Shorts- Similar HERE | ShoesHERE | PurseHERE | Watch: HERE | BraceletsHERE

"Where's B been?!"

The question I've even been asking myself lately!

*** You might want to grab a coffee and get comfy for this one, it's a long post!***

SO much has been going on, or at least it seems like there has been and I had felt the need to take a serious step back from blogging. Mainly because I didn't want to put half a$* (excuse my language) content on my blog just because I wasn't able to put the fair amount of time into it, and I also felt that other things in my life were more important at the time. So I decided to step back to give myself the space I needed, in order to focus on other stuff!

SO, I bet you're wondering what "stuff" I've been up to, and what's been consuming all my time.

Here we go :)
First things first, the main reason I needed to take a step back was the fact that I needed to soon decide what the hell I'm gonna do with my life.
Simple, right?! Negative. 
Yeah, I know.....try answering that yourself when you DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER. It's definitely not cool, and it is a definite set back. I felt like I was always trying to "figure out" what my school/life plan was and I truly needed to focus on doing my research and applying to other nursing programs/schools and really getting a plan for my life come Fall 2017! But, just so you know...I do in fact - finally, have a plan. Just in case you were wondering😉
And I wanted to mention that I do realize I am young, and I have allllll the time in the world to figure out what I want to do, but this girl is burnt out on school and is SO ready to be done. I could graduate with a bachelors just from all my dang credits, and I'll already be a senior this fall. So even though I know I have time, I am so ready to graduate!!

Secondly, $$$$$!
Believe it or not, I love to shop, splurge, and spend - but honey it takes mulahhh (money), money I didn't have or need to spend, plus I have bills to pay - which means...no new pretty clothes or accessories for B! :(
But behold, while I was taking time off from blogging I had a lot of time to be thinking about different types of posts I can do with the blog other than fashion, so I'm excited to be incorporating some of them in soon!

Now for a few life updates and things I wanted to mention! 
I don't know if you remember me mentioning a while back, a sweet surprise that Cody is so generously paying for and letting us get - and she is seriously the sweetest little baby girl ever.
Me and Cody are happily adding a sweet Golden Retriever pup to the fam!
We already love her SO much!! We can't take her home quite yet, so I don't want to share pictures, but I will soon enough! Anyways, she's our little butter ball and we couldn't be more happy to have her sweet self with us :)

And lastly, I wanted to fill y'all in on a little extra stuff that's going on!
As some of you know, and I've said before on here, I have struggled with terrible acne, big pores, OILY skin (oh its oily), and I have taken many many antibiotics over the years in order to lessen my breakouts or eliminate my acne all together and nothing has worked. I have been soooo hesitant to go to extra mile and take Accutane, but I've decided it's pretty much my last resort and hopefully works out for me.
With that being said, I have started taking accutane recently and planned on doing updates on my skin/the side affects. The products that work for my while on it, etc. The only thing is I am SO hesitant to put pictures of me with absolutely no makeup on, all in my face, showing everything on my skin - because to be honest this is one of my biggest insecurities and a lot of people have never seen me without makeup on! So I'm going to have to grow on that, but seriously, if you'd like me to do posts like this because you're considering taking Accutane or are just interested, please let me know! It seriously helps immensely! Comment on instagram (@brandilynanne), email, comment on my blog post, whatever! I'd love to hear from you :)

PHEW, that's a super long post. But after being M.I.A. for almost 2 months I think y'all deserved an update!😊

I DO have a few up coming looks and I planned on putting up and a survey soon to get more feedback from y'all! Stay tunned! Hope you're enjoying your week :)

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